Walk and Bike Month

Walk and Bike Month Boulder – Our Story 

Brought to you by Community Cycles and the City of Boulder, plus many generous corporate sponsors, Walk and Bike Month Boulder is a month-long celebration of walking and biking highlighted by more than 50 free community events. This year, after two missed June Walk and Bike months, Community Cycles will be hosting a Walk and Bike Month in June of 2022.

Boulder’s Walk & Bike Month began as a single day of bicycling events in 1977 and has grown to a month-long celebration. Today, Walk and Bike Month Boulder is among the largest events of its kind in the nation.

A celebration of Boulder’s unique and nationally recognized bicycling and pedestrian culture, Walk & Bike Month traditionally includes a diverse list of more than 50 free events for adults and children alike, including mountain bike rides, running activities, scavenger hunts, historical walking tours, hikes and much more. Bike to Work Day, on Wed June 22nd, is the main event with more than 50 breakfast stations around Boulder serving free food and drink to the estimated 8,000 participants riding or walking to work.

Walk and Bike Month Boulder is typically held in collaboration with the city of Boulder’s transportation department and is focused on enhancing the city’s multi-modal transportation system and reducing single-car usage.

Community Cycles, a local nonprofit that educates and advocates for safe bicycle use, coordinates activities, and volunteers during the month.