Meet some of our partners and discover what their sponsorship means to them. We hope their words will encourage and inspire you today.

In 2018, Google announced that we had reached our goal of having 100% renewable energy for our global operations — including both our data centers and offices. Supporting Walk and Bike Month, and reducing the number of cars on our roads, is an extension of this commitment that sits at the heart of our company culture and the Boulder community. It helps both us and our users reduce our impact on the environment while at the same time increasing the quality of life in our communities.

Boulder County

Continual enhancement of our existing multimodal system ranks high on the list of Boulder County’s goals. An excellent multi-modal system is safe, efficient and convenient for people who walk, bicycle and take transit throughout the county. A multimodal system gives everyone transportation choices. Boulder County supports Walk and Bike Month to celebrate transportation options and to encourage those new to biking and walking for mobility to see all the benefits of these modes.

The City of Boulder is proud to sponsor Walk and Bike Month 2023. We strive to provide a transportation system with a variety of safe, accessible and sustainable travel options that connect people with each other and with the places they want to go. Providing mobility options benefits all people so by supporting active transportation options like walking and biking, we can work together to make our community a better place to live, work and play.

Walk and Bike Month not only gets people on bikes and walking, it is a signature summer event in Boulder. The incredible Bike to Work Day breakfasts are a great thank you to regular riders. Why not walk and ride on over 300 miles of dedicated bikeways? It’s a great opportunity to pause and take stock of your day as well as to enjoy your surroundings. For those with any questions on their transportation options, we are here to help!

Alpine Bank

Alpine Bank is proud to partner with an organization such as Community Cycles for Boulder’s Walk + Bike to Work Month. The bike to work movement aligns well with Alpine Bank’s core values and the mission of its Green Team. Alpine Bank supports Community Cycles’ mission and the advancement of pedestrian and bicycle culture across the state of Colorado.

Conscience Bay Company believes in supporting alternative modes of transportation as a way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We are proud of Community Cycles work supporting bicycle transportation and Bike To Work Day.

As builders of Boulder County, Milo Construction is fiercely committed to supporting and uplifting the people that make our community so fantastic. We’re located next to KOA Lake bike path and are passionate about promoting healthy, active lifestyles in our core company values. Milo is excited to partner with Community Cycles on our shared mission to connect bikers and walkers in the 2023 events. Let’s ride!

Limelight Hotels strives to serve as a “homebase in the places you explore” and it’s part of our nature and DNA to encourage guests to get outside – by foot or bike. We value and importance of recreation and are excited to collaborate with this great community organization that helps encourage bike and pedestrian safety.

We’re a local home remodeling company.  Our business is improving our community one home at a time.  We love and support biking and walking; it’s the best way to get around.  Not only is it good for the soul, it’s better for our environment.  That’s why we’re proud to support Walk and Bike Month!

Caddis is an architecture collaborative that designs a variety of housing, including affordable projects. We strive to create sustainable, eco-friendly, attractive, human-scaled homes and neighborhoods that fit the way Boulderites live today. We support efforts that make it easy and fun to use multimodal transportation – like walking and biking! These ways of getting around town keep Boulder at a human level and at a friendly pace. Walking and bicycling are good for the earth, good for the community, good for the body, and good for the mind.

Coburn is proud to partner with Community Cycles and Go Boulder. Walking and biking carry a huge sustainability benefit, but we also believe that getting people out of cars creates great communities and neighborhoods by allowing everyday interaction between neighbors. Walking and biking are basic building blocks in designing strong public spaces and cities. We Create Great Places, and pedestrian and cycling support structures are key to that.

Hutchinson Black and Cook LLC is proud to partner with Community Cycles for Boulder’s Walk & Bike Month 2023. For more than 130 years, the attorneys and staff at HBC have been a part of the Boulder community and we strongly support human-powered commuting and reducing single-car usage. Boulder’s nationally recognized bicycling and pedestrian culture is reflected in the people at HBC, where we have on staff elite endurance athletes, and devoted bike commuters and casual weekend ebikers. We look forward to participating in Bike to Work Day as one of Boulder’s top summer events!

Lime’s mission is to realize a future for transportation that is shared, electric and carbon-free – a natural fit for supporting Walk and Bike Month! Serving the city of Boulder since 2021 with e-scooters, Lime is excited to support alternatives to car ownership.

KGNU is proud to partner with Community Cycles and GO Boulder for Walk and Bike Month. As Boulder’s community radio station, we love promoting the benefits of an active lifestyle, share our work with more people, and invite them to be part of our community radio station.

We support Walk & Bike Month because we care about making biking accessible to everyone. While most of our riders own their own bikes, B-cycle allows them to bike more often, in circumstances that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to—like take one way trips on a bike, or connect to public transit. We’re also excited to provide an easy entry point back into cycling for those who want to hop back on a bike after a long period of inactivity, but may not want to commit to buying or maintaining a bike.

Community Cycles
Community Cycles has been a part of Bike to Work Day since it was founded in 2007, and they have worked to grow June into a month-long celebration of cycling. Walk and Bike Month plays a large role in their core mission of cultivating the joy of lifelong, self-sufficient riding for everyone in Boulder.
Their vision: “We’re a community making bicycling a truly sustainable, equitable, and affordable means of everyday transportation; where human-powered transportation is prioritized in fact and not just in words; and where transportation betters all residents’ lives physically, emotionally, and economically.