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Walk and Bike Month’s official cruiser ride happens Thursday, June 16th, 5P – 7pm

Here’s what the ride looks like

  • 5:15pm, start at HMH Architecture & Interiors with a beverage/and or bite and at 5:30pm, jump on the Creek Path and Folsom to swing into Cherry Creek Mortgage for another bite
  • 5:40-ish, arrive at Cherry Creek Mortgage office for a beverage/and or bite and at 6:15ish, jump back on Creek Path to Sanitas
  • 6:30-ish, arrive at Sanita’s Brewery for BOGO Beers… beer & tacos, because why not?
  • 7:30-ish, ride off into the sunset.Bike, check. FUN, check. Cruiser Happy Hour ride, double check
    Any and all bikes welcome!

BIG Thanks to “Creek Cruiser Ride” Partners for making this event possible!

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